Surf Report, 8/12/2015

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IMG_3050By Bennie Seybold, special to Corona del Mar Today

Fishing the Reefs and Kelp Patties of Corona del Mar

Are you a Corona del Mar local who has never been fishing off our beautiful coastline? Have you ever been to Bristol farms or Whole Food and marveled at the outrageous fish prices? If you answered yes to these two simple questions, then this article is for you.

Corona del Mar has one of the largest fish populations per square mile in California. Thousands of fishing boats depart from Newport Harbor every year, some to catch small game, enough to fill the dinner plate, and others to attempt to catch fish weighing upwards of 150 pounds.

Whether you’re the Santiago of Corona del Mar or just a frequent ocean goer with no fishing experience, CdM has fish to offer for all skill levels. My favorite place to fish is off of my 13-foot Boston Whaler right next to Reef Point, Crystal Cove. The kelp patties near reef point make for a perfect hideout for Calico Bass, Sheep’s Head, Surf Perch, and even the occasional Yellow Fin tuna. All I do is rig my pole up with a small weight, hook, and I chop up some squid as bait. On an average day, you can catch 10 or more fish. Remember, though, that if you reel in a tasty looking bass, measure it and make sure it is legal to take home and fry up for some fish tacos because the last thing you need is a hefty ticket to go along with your freshly caught meal.

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August 12th, 2015

I'm not a fisherman, but as an SUPer I appreciate the calmer waters in the kelp patches.

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