City Memo Details Repair of Leaking Tank at CdM Gas Station

posted: August 8th, 2015 01:28 pm | 0No Comments

The Corona del Mar 76 gas station at 2201 East Coast Highway had a tank leak that was safely repaired earlier this summer, according to a city memo.

The tank involved was a 10,000-gallon diesel fuel underground storage tank, the memo said.

“During standard annual testing of the tank’s secondary containment system, a leak was found in the primary wall of the tank,” the city memo said. “Due to quick action and removal of the fuel, there was no release into the soil because the secondary containment wall maintained its integrity.”

A Newport Beach life safety specialist conducted inspections on the repair for compliance with state Health & Safety and fire codes, the memo said, verifying proper site preparation and signage, ventilation, tank air monitoring, proper protective equipment, tank entry and more. The Newport Beach Fire Department also had operations personnel on scene because of the confined, hazardous nature of the repair, the memo said.

The tank was repaired completely and returned to service, the memo said.

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