Oh Starbucks Patio Crowd

posted: July 14th, 2015 01:07 pm | 3Comments

Today I spilled coffee all over my shirt. Not a white shirt, incidentally, which is when I usually spill coffee (the coffee KNOWS) but a workout shirt. My first reaction was, “Am I burned?” because it was a fresh cup of coffee and it was on my skin, too. But I was OK.

Then I processed what had happened. I was walking out the exit door of the Corona del Mar Starbucks, and my hands were full, so I leaned into the door and shoved it open and was walking through. But the door hit something, so it didn’t open all the way and flew back at me — bumping my coffee, which spilled.

The door had hit the back of a chair of a man who was sitting on the patio with friends and had pulled a chair over, blocking nearly half the door.

So I told him, “Your chair is blocking the door. You should move it. It made me spill coffee all over myself.”

He gave me an incredulous look and turned away. Then I heard him tell his friends, “SHE hits my chair with the door, then has the nerve to blame ME for spilling her coffee.”

“You should move your chair,” I said. “You are BLOCKING the door.”

Finally he did. But he still was peeved and I knew he and his friends were rolling their eyes and talking about how I was an idiot.

So this really was unpleasant and a fairly big surprise to me. I would have thought he would have moved immediately and apologized. That he didn’t realize he was blocking the door, and he would feel bad that it caused this little mishap. There were lots of open seats and tables, too, so I really really don’t understand the attitude and snottiness or the PROBLEM with moving so you weren’t in the way of people innocently trying to exit the building.

I’m not sure what is with certain people on that Starbucks patio, but maybe I’ll avoid it for awhile. We talk about entitlement in terms of entitled children and teens, but this was full-on adult entitlement in action. He wanted to sit there blocking the door, and no one was going to tell him to move because he just didn’t want to. In fact, he wanted me to apologize to him. Wow!

It didn’t help that someone was trying to go in through the exit door. It was a traffic jam. And I’m coffee stained.

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July 27th, 2015

Too bad you didn't have a photo of him...If I recognized him, I'd bump him every time for you.


July 30th, 2015

There is an ordinance controlled safety lane around doors of public places. Do not block the exit.


November 21st, 2015

Those guys are a pain in the ass. They take all the chairs, move them over to one side, leaving none for the tables. They sit there for hours talking about nothing because they have nothing better to do, and are always blocking the door. They should go sit on one of their front porches so the rest of the community can enjoy the starbucks porch once in a while too. And you're right, they do seem to have entitlement issues.

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