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The Devastating Effects of Ocean Pollution

By Bennie Seybold, special to Corona del Mar Today

Corona del Mar has some of the nicest, most beautiful beaches in the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel from around the globe just to spend a few days on these magnificent beaches. Being a Corona del Mar local almost all my life, I’ve gone down to the beach and relaxed, surfed, paddle boarded, dove off cliffs; you name it, I’ve done it.

It wasn’t until I began diving that I realized there was one big problem with the beaches of Corona del Mar: pollution.

Although from the beach it may not be apparent, pollution in CdM is an ongoing problem that is affecting the ocean’s wildlife. Since I began diving when I was 12, I have found hundreds of crazy items at the bottom of the ocean. I have found car tires, discarded, rotting lobster traps, used fishing line, large fishing nets, steel pipes, cinder blocks, camera tripods, beach chairs, and many other things. These items pose a huge threat to wildlife and are responsible for the death of great numbers of fish, seagulls, seals, and even dolphins. The death of these animals can be prevented and avoided by cleaning up your trash at the beach and by calling people out who are dumping trash into the ocean. Though you may not realize it, things you leave at the beach, such as beach chairs and sand toys, can be swept away by waves and the tide and end up in the ocean. On a typical dive for me, I will pull four or five large pieces of waste from the water.

Another way to help keep our beaches pollution free is by participating in beach cleanups or going down to the beach in your free time and picking up some trash. In order to keep the coastline of Corona del Mar in the near pristine condition that it is in, a community wide effort is needed to help spread awareness of the impact of ocean pollution on the wildlife and natural beauty of our beaches.

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