Guest Rant By Jo Ann

posted: March 10th, 2015 04:20 pm | 7Comments

These are “first-world” problems but need to be addressed:

1. Return Your Shopping Cart. (And this excludes moms/dads with small children who are afraid to leave them in the car by themselves for 45 seconds due to the ever-increasing number of creeps roaming the earth.) For the love of God, why don’t you return your shopping cart when you are done with it? Why do you leave it in the middle of the next parking space or strategically tilted half on-half off some grassy area still blocking the space? Why is this? Are you too lazy or important to return your cart? Can’t you muster up enough energy to return it? If it’s too difficult or too exhausting for you, at least push it completely out of the way so other people can park. And don’t justify your behavior by saying “If I return my own cart, I’ll put someone out of a job.” Hogwash. You are lazy. And by the way, I get tons of exercise returning your carts.

2. When It’s Busy, Bag Your Own Groceries. My God, when did you become so above bagging your own groceries? Are you feeble? Did the shopping excursion wear you out? Or do you feel better about yourself watching other people work? When you are in the grocery store and the lines are long and there aren’t enough baggers, bag your own groceries. You look lazy and arrogant to the people waiting in line behind you, in case you didn’t know. Is it that hard to lend a helping hand? And yes, I lend a helping hand and bag when you stand there waiting to be waited on when the lines are long and the checker is over-worked. Sometimes I get a weak “thank you,” but mostly you ignore me. Again, don’t think you will put someone out of a job by helping out once in a while. You are lazy. Period.

3. Stop “Tasting” Food At The Deli When It’s Busy. This has been annoying me for years. It’s busy at the deli (Bristol Farms and Gelsons are famous for this) and some self-absorbed idiot insists on tasting various lunch meats and/or cheeses. “Can I taste the turkey?” “Can I taste the chicken?” “Can I taste the provolone cheese.” Why? Why do you have to taste it? It’s turkey, and chicken and provolone. Nothing’s changed. Turkey tastes like the same turkey you’ve been eating since your first Thanksgiving. Same with the chicken, salami, pastrami, cheeses, etc. If you want it, you’ve most likely eaten it before. Are you starving? Low blood sugar? Do you need a free meal? If the deli is slow, then fine – have at it, taste whatever you want. Pull up a chair, grab a fork and spoon and eat till you burst because NOBODY is waiting behind you. But when it’s busy? Place your order and move along. Frankly, if you need that much personal attention from the person slicing your lunch meat, then you need serious counseling. Stop showing society that you are a selfish, self-absorbed boor.

In closing, all first-world problems. But we live in this first-world and it would be a much better place if everyone would wake up and realize there are other people in the world and act accordingly. Return your own carts, bag your own groceries and eat at home.

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March 10th, 2015

Could I please have a taste of that whine? .... but I'm with you on the carts.


March 11th, 2015

Jo Ann: You are spot on. It's all about manners and consideration. Thanks for this.


May 3rd, 2015

Regarding #2 - Why should I subsidize a grocery store? If the store is more interested in profit than in good customer service, their reputation should suffer. There is no reason for me to help the grocery store's corporate parent when clearly they have made a decision not staff their store adequately. I am not lazy by waiting for them to fulfill their commitment to bag my stuff, I am hurting their reputation by not being willing to abet their corporate greed.


June 2nd, 2015

The best way to "return your cart" is to grab one in the parking lot on the way to the store. Then you can be guilt free, leaving the one you brought your groceries out in. As for the rest of the items ..... try yoga.

Deborah Allen

June 13th, 2015

OH MY GOD!!! You are right ON!!! It baffles my mind when lines are so busy and people just WATCH the groceries pile up, pile up, pile up and then WATCH the sacker or checker go as fast as they can. Agreed...BE CONSIDERATE!!! It makes people smile or the world stay a better place that much longer when one is considerate. Why not? First world problems? Yes. Teaching kids around us manners and consideration? VERY Important!


October 19th, 2015

Ms.Guest Rant By Jo Ann, I agree with RallyMonkey, try yoga or shop on off hours. I shop on off hours and you would be amazed how empty the store can be and better service too boot. You seem very high-strung and give no room or excuse for the folks you are badgering about for your self -absorbed idiosyncrasy mannerism.Your world-problems are everywhere. My world-problems are different then yours but, I find ways around them so I won't exasperate people around me. If you don't slow down to smell the roses you are soon to have a rage if not already had one. Zip,Zip,Zip is how you would like the world to spin on your behave. I'm sure it's no surprise to you that's not going to happen. Talking about your frustrations is a good start. You have so much energy that you haven't found an outlet yet that will give you gratification. So, in the mean time you have become cynical. There are many outlet's for you out there besides you becoming cynical. I'm sure you are a lovely lady but that is not showing thru of you. From reading your story of how the world should spin for you, sounds like it just happened and it all happened at the grocery store. For instance the line at the deli well, I haven't tasted all their meats and cheese's. So, I would need a sample to see if I like it or not. Also, not all turkey meats or chicken meats taste the same. With all your energy you probably can't taste the difference. Instead you see folks being rude and swines. Not everyone has your energy or even a % of your energy that bagging groceries may be a bit too much after a long day of work and pushing the cart back to where it belongs may look like a mile to someone ill or just to dam tired. We all would like the world to spin differently to accommodate us but, I tell you it's only going to happen if we work on how it should spin. Not the way you're going about it at this point. Good luck with your energy Ms. Guest Rant by Jo Ann.


November 20th, 2015

Joann, Re #2 ~ I do not bag my own groceries. I am not arrogant, lazy or think that I am above helping out. I am quite offended that you see me this way. I am quite the opposite. When my groceries are being rung up, I am watching the amounts closely. On an average of one in four shopping trips I am overcharged, an item does not scan, a coupon is not deducted or an instant rebate is not taken off the item and deducted. I am also taking money out of my purse or running my credit or debit card on the reader. I am entering my pin code, zip code and sometimes my grocery club code to get the prices on the advertised price, which can be a make or break week in a person's grocery budget. I am watching the amount closely and deciding if this is going to be a trip where I can also add some needed cash back into the total. Throw a child or two into the mix and you get the picture. I don't mean to appear ungrateful, but I also do not appreciate someone else stepping in to bag my groceries. I do appreciate the bag person who knows their job and does it well, does not mix cold/frozen items with magazines and does not bag cantaloupe and a gallon of milk in one flimsy bag. This may explain the weak thank you or why you are being ignored. Yes, once my transaction is completed and I have done my job of paying my bill & supervising my children and my wallet and purse are secure, I will gladly help the store employee with their job.

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