If NYC Can Do it, CdM Can Do it

posted: November 22nd, 2014 06:21 pm | 3Comments

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be in New York City, one of my favorite places on earth. It was a little early for the Christmas decorations — the tree at Rockefeller Plaza was covered by scaffolding and a giant poster, and most of the big stores had their windows covered with black paper until their big reveal closer to Christmas.

But it was cold, and there were enough lights and decorations up, and the crowds were there, so it definitely felt hustle-bustle-y and holiday-ish. Nothing beats Christmas in a big city.

So what does NYC do to make sure it looks good for all the seasonal visitors? For one thing, they steam clean the sidewalks.

We took a walk Saturday night, and they were power washing the pavement on Sixth Avenue around 53rd. On Sunday morning, another walk, and we saw a huge stretch of Park Avenue being power washed. The sidewalks were clean, and they kept cleaning them. At night, in the morning — they were cleaning the sidewalks.

In Corona del Mar, upon my return, I was dismayed to notice the usual sidewalks along East Coast Highway, covered in stains. Gum is the worst, I hear, leaving black marks that are nearly impossible to clean. When they remove the black, they can leave little spots where the gum once was. I saw black gum spots everywhere. Too many to count.

The Corona del Mar Business Improvement District has paid to clean village sidewalks. But it would cost $10,000 to clean the entire district, and some members think private shop owners should keep the sidewalks near their shops clean and not just rely on the city, or the B.I.D.

I wish we had a little more pride in our village. I wish people wouldn’t litter, especially gum. I wish business owners would pay to have their sidewalks cleaned regularly. I think a clean village starts with the sidewalks.

If NYC can do it, so can we.

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November 22nd, 2014

My family took a trip to Havana a few years ago and were quite surprised to see the steam cleaning of the sidewalks and streets at sunrise. It smelled so clean and fresh in a town we never would have imagined! I love your idea.


November 24th, 2014

Love it!


October 19th, 2015

I agree 100% on cleaning up the sidewalks. I see too many sidewalks looking like I can't walk on them worrying that I will get gum on my shoes. There are times I won't even shop in the area due to the filth. It makes me fill like I'm shopping with dirt and buying cheap items. Stores should take pride inside and outside there store. As they say what you see outside may be the same inside. It just takes a little effort to rid the muck and grime. You will see your business improve with a brighter cleaner sidewalk. I know I will shop where the sidewalk looks cleaner and inviting. Have a great day.

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