Surf Report, 3/2/2014

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By Bennie Seybold, Special to Corona del Mar Today

On Friday of this week, a massive storm swell from the West hit Corona del Mar that was accompanied by strong winds and lots of rain. On Friday afternoon, the waves were 2-3 feet, but the winds created chop that made the waves unridable. On Saturday morning, the waves picked up through the day from 3-4 feet to 5-6 feet. There was a strong south wind that slowly eased throughout the day. On Sunday, the waves had nice shape and were 3-5 feet.

Standout Breaks

El Morro: El Morro saw some great conditions on Saturday and Sunday. The waves were breaking off the rocks at the south side of El Morro making for fun, long rides. The waves were barreling even with the heavy winds midday Saturday.


The storm swell will continue through Monday and a new WNW swell will hit late Tuesday producing 3-5 foot waves through Saturday. The winds are expected to shift to offshore starting Monday making for epic conditions.

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Olivia Schulist

March 27th, 2014

Wow, I love your articles and photography! Thanks for sharing

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