Surf Report, 12/22/2013

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By Bennie Seybold, special to Corona del Mar Today

Where to Surf During Christmas Break

Because CDM is located right next to the peninsula (one of the best surf spots in the world), it is usually overlooked by your typical Newport Beach surfer. What people don’t know about CdM is that it actually accepts winter swells better than the peninsula does. Spots like El Morro and Scotchman’s can be really peaky and hollow on NW and WNW swells that usually hit our beaches during the winter. The waves look promising over the next two weeks with both NW and WNW swells coming in. The waves should be consistently 2-3ft at standout spots and may pick up to 3-4ft after New Years. So if you’re planning on surfing over the break and want to avoid the crowds, head down to El Morro or Scotchman’s for some peaky, epic waves.

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