Surf Report, 12/1/2013

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By Bennie Sebyold

Almost all of the surf breaks in Corona del Mar are very safe and offer fun waves that can be ridden by people of all skill levels. There is one though that some say is as dangerous as the Wedge — Scotchman’s.

Scotchman’s is located next to off of Scotchman’s Cove in Crystal Cove. The reason that Scotchman’s is so dangerous is because the only thing separating you from the jagged, rocky reef below is 3 to 4 feet of water. Surprisingly, this surf break isn’t that well known to the typical Newport Beach surfer because not many people are daring enough to ride it. Depending on the magnitude of the swell, Scotchman’s can either be barreling or slightly crumbly. Scotsman’s is best during a South swell and can be ridden on a long or short board. If you are an adrenaline junkie and a South swell hits CdM, be sure to check out Scotchman’s for some of the best waves in CdM.

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